home inspection pass or failA home inspection is an assessment of a home’s condition from top to bottom. It is conducted by a certified home inspector who looks for any signs of damage or defects in the house and its systems. Home inspections are conducted according to a national Standards of Practice and are NOT code violation inspections.

The inspection is typically divided into two parts: the exterior and the interior. The exterior inspection will cover the foundation, roof, siding, windows, and other structural items of the house. The interior inspection will cover the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems, insulation, and any other items that are visible in the interior of the house.

The inspection report is then compiled, which outlines the condition of the home and any items that may need to be addressed. The report will also provide a summary of safety concerns, if any, that the inspector recommends addressing. The report is also used to help the buyer and agent determine if any repair requests, or seller credits should be asked for during the inspection contingency.

Home inspections are not graded pass or fail. Home inspectors are like your family Doctor, they are well versed in the major systems of your home and know when appropriate to recommend a specialist for further evaluation; they are simply providing an objective opinion of the condition of the house. The inspector is not responsible for any repairs that need to be done and do not grade the house on the quality of its construction.

A home inspection report is a valuable resource for buyers. It can provide them with a good understanding of the condition of the home and alert them to any issues that need to be addressed. Home inspections are an important part of the home-buying process, but they do not constitute a pass or fail grade. Buyers should always consult a professional real estate agent before making any major decisions related to their home purchase.